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Much like the rest, I haven't a clue what I'm doing here.

But add me if you feel like you must hear about my opinions on bad tv, old love stories, coffee shops and upcoming university exploits.

Fic will probably follow soon.

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not with a bang but with a whimper

bones, booth/brennan, rating r, words 2239- this isn't one of those seven nights

notes: for ellaboston, because it always is, title from eliot.



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now we see into a glass darkly

bones, booth; angela (implied booth/brennan, angela/hodgins) 399 words, pg- two birds, one stone and her logic befuddles him.

notes: for vinniebolzano



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the bed looks just like the moon

gossip girl, blair/dan, (implied blair/nate, nate/ vanessa), words 1463, pg -He offers his company till she makes it to the other end.

notes: for girlyevil- my take on your prompt, it’s very different from my usual style but I thought I’d give it a whirl



they walk sometimes )
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from deep wells

house, chase/cameron, rating r, words 241  his arms find her waist and he holds her tight
notes: my first house fic- be kind? drabble/ficlet


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her hair spread out in fiery points
gossip girl, blair/dan, rated pg- 13, words- 2339


Caught between two opposites and her heart thumps in response.

 She fears she'll never be ready.

notes: i got the idea for this while kateinslacks and i talked about the weather and eliot- hence the titles.

april is the cruelest month




when the rich wage war it's the poor who die )
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give me something to shoot you with

skins, tony. effy, rating r, words 500

He has enough words for the both of them.

notes: for snapdragonrose and ava_leigh_fitz because one fic fit both prompts- the timeline flits a bit and it’s slightly au at some points but I hope you’re able to follow it all the same. (it's probably not what either of you wanted/expected. i got carried away.)


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